DigitalMarketing5 Ways to Create Paid Advertisements That Actually Convert

June 15, 2021

One real estate marketing tactic that can help attract more leads instantly is by using Paid Advertisements. There are multiple platforms that you can choose to buy paid ads from. There is Google, Facebook paid ads, LinkedIn advertisements, or Yahoo & Bing. Many real estate professionals will shy away from using all Paid Advertisements platforms because of the cost associated with each or even the time it takes to learn the ins and outs of each system.

However, once you begin to get a good feel for how to attract buyers or sellers using this real estate marketing strategy, it can become a reasonably simple and automated method to build your online presence.
Regardless of what programs you choose to utilize, various principles need to be implemented to have an effective campaign:

1. Relevant & Catchy Ad Copy

Remember that you are trying to grab your audience’s attention which may or may not specifically is looking for your realtor services. People are attracted to numbers or statistics and an offer that stands out from the competition. It’s a brilliant idea to include a question in the title, such as “Want Foreclosure Deals?” as this will get searchers more engaged. Also, be sure to have a Call to Action at the end of your copy, such as Call Now or Click Here. Most importantly, make sure to deliver on everything promised in the ad.

2. Properly Chosen Keywords for Paid Advertisements

For those platforms that use search terms, be sure to include any phrases that are relevant to your chosen real estate marketing niche. You can use local-based keywords for your real estate market (such as your city or sub-cities) and longer tail variations (3 or more words) to get higher targeted traffic as well. For those systems that don’t offer keyword targeting, make sure your ads are super compelling and maybe even slightly off the wall to generate interest.

3. Bid Pricing & Demographics

Although each advertising platform can provide an estimated value for your bids, this is something you will want to carefully test and gauge on your own. What is each click worth to you? Are you aiming to be in a specific position on the page, and what will it take to get there?
For the demographics of the target audience, choosing the age range, geographic area, or other specifics can really help to laser target your real estate marketing ads.

4. Analytics & Conversions

Of course, you don’t want to pay more for a lead than it is worth. Although this seems pretty obvious, many agents and brokers will fail to keep track of their conversion statistics or page performance. You must know exactly how well your ads, landing pages, conversion offers, etc., are performing so that you can make the necessary tweaks. This can be found on the analytics page of the platform and can be a good learning lesson for future paid ads.

5. Create Strong Landing Pages for Paid Advertisements

Finally, when driving traffic to your website or blog, you must be sure to create keyword-specific landing pages that are entirely relevant to each advertisement. Steer away from tactics like pop-ups or overbearing affiliate offers, and make sure that you always have some sort of enticing and eye-catching lead capture offer available.
Use the landing page to also collect emails by giving away a Free Report, or Cheatsheet or a relevant Ebook. Collect these emails for future communication with your prospects.

All in all, a successful real estate marketing ad campaign will come down to keywords that are relevant to your ads and ads that are closely related to landing pages that deliver immense value. Give your users a quality experience by offering closely targeted offers, and your conversions will soar!

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