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June 15, 2021

Content Marketing Campaigns are a great way to get your message in front of potential customers. Unfortunately, many people falsely assume they can create content once and it will automatically be successful.
If you want your campaign to succeed, here are five reasons to know why they often fail:  

1. Unoriginal Ideas

Many realtors’ content marketing campaigns fail because the ideas behind them are not unique or new. They were most probably copied from a competitor’s idea that ‘looked successful,’ but was not a good idea for your home buyer niche. Their target audience could be different from yours making that content irrelevant for your audience. To spark genuine interest and attention from your target audience, brainstorm ideas that are different and relevant. To know how to create a content marketing campaign click here

2.Marketing Campaigns Lack SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a vital aspect of content marketing. It involves conducting keyword research which is the process of finding words that will contribute to better ranking on search engines such as Google. When you don’t use popular keywords, you will fail by not ranking on search engines and not getting high click through rates.  Examples of the 5 most commonly keywords used in Real Estate are, ‘home, realtor, houses for sale, MLS, and houses for rent’.

3. They Ignore the Analytics

The whole process of a content marketing campaign is no easy task and without measuring progress, you can waste much time and effort. You need to measure the success of a present marketing campaign. Analytics on Google will give you insights into:

  • – What worked well and what didn’t
  • – What time you got the highest engagement
  • – What locations the visitors were from
  • – Demographics of visitors by age and gender.

Realtors therefore often fail because they disregard analytics from previous campaigns. For example, if you got the highest engagement from your target audience every day at around 5 pm, it’s highly recommended that in the next campaign content is published/posted at around 5 pm.

4. No Content Strategy

The most successful content campaigns most likely have a content strategy. A content strategy serves the purpose of helping you set priorities and objectives. It also helps you plan work and keeps track of achievements of set goals. A well-documented content strategy will ensure the effort that’s invested translates into tangible results. Find out how to create a content marketing strategy here

5. Poor Quality Content for Marketing Campaigns

Successful content marketing campaigns should solve the problems and fulfils the needs of the targeted home buyer audience. Good quality content retains the reader’s interest long enough for them to be convinced, impressed and influenced to book an appointment or register for a virtual tour. Content that’s too short/general to be of any help to the reader is poor quality content. Also, content that fails to engage (regardless of the number of likes and/or views) with your audience falls under the poor quality tab. Always remember that originality is key when it comes to the creation of content. Don’t underestimate the power of a content strategy, analytics and the use of SEO. Above all, be patient and consistent. Success will not happen overnight but will in due time.
Learn how a Content Marketing Strategy is Key for building your realty brand here.

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