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June 15, 2021

New and established real estate agents alike are shifting to content marketing. Why? Content marketing is the most effective way to build your brand, attract buyers, and grow your business. It’s simple: good content attracts potential clients and builds trust with them; bad content does not.
This article will highlight 5 reasons why content marketing is key for building your realty brand

1.      It Increases the Awareness of the Realtors Brand

Brand awareness is defined as the extent to which prospective home buyers are familiar with the distinct qualities of your brand and its products/services. Content marketing will always help you stand out among your competitors. As you produce high quality content on luxury homes for example, you will begin to be known as the go-to realtor for all realty questions in the luxury home niche.
Therefore, do your best to give value in your content in the form of solutions, effective how-to’s, and helpful tips. With every visit to your website/social media page, prospective home buyers will become more familiar with your brand.


2.         Content Marketing Builds Trust

For realtors, the process of buying a home is based on the trust that your home buyer has in you. Fortunately, trust is built on the knowledge you show of the business. The higher your perceived experience, the higher the credibility you build with prospective home buyers. One key way of building this credibility is by putting out high-quality content that provides solutions for prospective home buyer pain points. Topics such as home financing and property evaluation would be of interest to home buyers as blogs on your website. Read here on how to create a content marketing strategy.

When a home buyer trusts in your brand it means that they’ve got confidence in your company’s brand. This confidence will ultimately lead to word of mouth (alongside positive reviews) marketing. 

3.       It Enhances Social Media Presence

As the world moves towards a technologically advanced era, social media is becoming a powerful tool for real estate agents. The opportunities and benefits that can be gained and achieved, are limitless. As a brand, social media helps you to communicate with your existing and potential home buyers. With attractively presented content that is relevant, your brand’s social media pages will reach your targeted home buyers.
Ensure to keep an eye on your analytics so that you understand what kind of information is most engaging with your audience so you can make more of it.

4.       Content Marketing Generates Organic Leads

When you create quality and relevant content, search engines such as Google, recognize it. Such recognition will result in your website getting a high search engine ranking for your content. This means that when a potential home buyer searches for ‘Home Buying Tips in Houston, Texas,’ Google will bring your content to the first page. Though it takes time to rank on Google’s first page, with the right keywords, consistent posting and SEO you can have your realty company appear on page 1 of Google search.

5.       It’s Cost-Effective

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less. That’s right. Content marketing is not only cheaper than outbound marketing. It also generates more home buyer leads. Outbound marketing is the old way of doing business. If your business is fairly new with a small budget, investing in content marketing is a good way to create brand awareness and rank on Google. In conclusion, it is important to be patient and post consistently as the keys to successfully building your realty brand. Rome wasn’t built in one day and so, you must be patient and create a content marketing strategy to start seeing the results. Good luck!

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