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June 2, 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing traffic to your website achieved through organic search engine results. Content marketing is the creation and distribution of online content such as blog posts, and videos. Its purpose is to create interest in a potential customer for a brand’s products and/or services. SEO and Content Marketing individually have got the power to increase traffic and generate leads. Now imagine, the two of them combined! This article will guide you on how to include SEO strategies in your content marketing. 

1. Define Your Topic Area & Keywords

This involves defining your brand’s area of expertise and purpose. This can be done by showcasing the unique knowledge that you can offer your audience through the types of content you create. The topic area will guide you on the type of content and information that you will create. If your realtor business targets luxury home buyers, your topic area is ‘Luxury Homes,’ and should find Keywords in this topic to write about. This will position you strategically to attract potential customers and possibly generates leads. 

2.  Define Target Audience

An effective way towards achieving a clear definition of your target audience would be to look at your current customers. Analyze their similarities and spending patterns. Create client personas and think of content that would speak to that audience. For example, your Millennial clients will want a work from home space in their future home, unlike the older Gen Z clients. Customize your content to related topics such as, ‘Choosing colors for your home office,’ or ‘Organizing your home office for maximum productivity.’
Also, are there commonly asked questions you can address in your content? Such as home financing options? Outline how your product and/or service is/will be of benefit to your client. As always, relate all these topics to keywords that describe your services.

3. Constantly Update Content – One of the Best SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization is not something that can be set and forgotten. The majority of your content will need to be updated to remain effective. This can be done by refreshing some of the content’s language to make it more interesting. Also, review any facts/statistics that could be outdated. Most importantly, researching new keyword opportunities and adding to your content accordingly. It is advisable to always update content that brings in the most traffic overall. For example, if your article on how to renovate your property on a low budget that you wrote a year ago continues to bring in traffic, looking for ways to write more content on the same topic is a great decision.

SEO and content marketing should not be viewed as two different entities. Both work together to enhance performance and increase your brand’s growth. Ensure that your content is, and stays, relevant, informative, and updated. Try and publish often and share your content on your social media platforms.  Frequently research keywords for content to increase the chances of your target audience landing on your website every time they conduct an online search for products/services related to yours. 

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