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June 2, 2021

Brand positioning is one of the most important marketing principles and perhaps one of the most misunderstood. When you get your brand positioning right, it is like trying to compare apples and oranges.  It lets your ideal clients immediately recognize that you are a match and your competition is not. It also accelerates the speed of trust.  When a brand is seen as part apple and part orange, in an attempt to be all things to all people, it weakens the validity of the brand and does not attract the right client. Think through your current brand position. How can you get a competitive advantage with your brand? Here is what you should consider:

1. Real Estate companies must identify their niche and have a unique service offering that makes them known as specialists; An example is to specialize in serving first time home buyers and offer information sessions on everything they need to know when buying a home.

2. Real Estate companies must highlight their track record of success through testimonials. This can be best showcased in video testimonials of happy clients explaining their initial anxiety in buying or selling a home. The video should also capture the clients explaining the professional guidance from your business that led to a stress free experience towards their dream of home ownership. This 3rd party endorsement is more believable and quickly builds trust.

3. Ensure the brand elements are memorable and aligned to your niche. This includes the Real Estate business name, logo, image, and packaging. This brand image should encompass the values and aims of the business in the minds of both the employees, competitors, and ultimately the customers.

4. Develop a cohesive digital strategy to make the brand bigger and louder. Create interactive profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that include pictures and videos of current listings and happy clients in their new properties. The website should correctly communicate the brand image and be informative.

5.  Leverage persons, places, media, and things with potential relevant associations to build credible brand equity. For example, write articles on property investment strategies for the local business website in your location.

6. Tell a story: Nothing pulls on the heartstrings like a good, old story. Especially one in which you detail your personal journey and how you got from “there” to “here.” Human experience shows the brand personality and adds brand credibility.

7. Provide value with each brand touch to ensure potential leads come to you first. A brand touch is any time a consumer interacts with your business or messaging. The value you can provide includes eBooks, real estate buyer guides, home financing checklists, and more.

The purpose of brand differentiation is not to spam buyers or sellers with your contact information, but instead, to build enough trust and credibility to be top of mind when they need services. Positioning is about giving your customers clarity, focus, and the ability to reduce the number of options and choose your business first.  Start positioning today!

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