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June 4, 2021

Email marketing is the use of email to send out business messages to a particular group of people. It involves sending out advertisement emails, business requests, and solicits sales. Effective Email Marketing for Real Estate commonly seeks to achieve brand awareness, loyalty, and trust.

In the field of real estate marketing, email marketing will help build relationships with prospects and clients. To formulate effective email marketing for real estate here is an easy to follow the process:

1.Know Your Goals

Getting to know what your goals are will help you design your emails in a way that they hit a particular target.  Some of the email marketing goals of a realtor will include:

  1. Welcome new clients and introducing your business.
  2. Re-engage with past clients that you have worked with.
  3. Grow sales through requesting referrals or repeat business
  4. Build profitable relationships

2. Use Automated Responders

An automated email responder will help a potential client to get the needed information at the right time. Automated emails are programmed to respond to a specific question or action taken by the client. There are free and paid automated email providers for business, such as Mailchimp and Get Response, which are user friendly.

Ways to formulate effective automated campaigns:

  1. Get to know common behavioral triggers. Knowing what actions a potential client will take regularly will help you to create messages for their needs towards a sale.
  2. Measure the success of each email. By assessing your content’s engagement rate, you will get to know how to adjust your messages for maximum responses.

3.Segment Your Customers

Segmenting your customer base will help you respond to emails that are pertinent to clients’ situations. As you continue to provide them with relevant information, they will remember to seek your business when they need to.

You can segment them in these 2 ways:
1. By demographic data: age, gender, location, education, preferences.    
2. Where the contact was sourced from and which campaign: from social media, email newsletters, or phone calls.

4.Create Relevant Content For Effective Email Marketing

For clients with a closed deal, the business does not end when your client becomes a homeowner. Some email content ideas include after-sales service questionnaires and feedback requests. You can also offer them home maintenance and renovation advice. These regular emails will keep your business top of their mind when they need to engage again or refer you to others.

For new clients, email content can include new property listings, trends in the market, and homebuyer success stories. All emails for this group should be to build their trust in you for future business.

5.Create Landing Pages For Effective Email Marketing

When your business has an advertising campaign, you need to capture emails of the interested leads with a landing page. To get the most out of your landing pages, you need to create an easy, engaging, and personalized experience for the site visitor in the following ways:

  1. Use bold beautiful images to get attention
  2. Keep the lead capture forms and search tools simple
  3. Use auto-play background videos
  4. Include testimonials, awards, and badges to instill trust
  5. Personalize the landing page with a short survey

One easy to use Landing page creator is the WordStream’s CRO Toolkit. It is an intuitive software solution that helps marketers and business owners to create gorgeous, optimized landing pages in a matter of minutes.

Email marketing in real estate is a process that requires you to have knowledge of your clients and the potential ones.  To be successful, you have to follow the above to formulate effective emails to turn interested prospects into buying customers.

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