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June 11, 2021

LinkedIn has a user base of almost 700 million members, and therefore, a lot of people use this platform to network with potential clients and sellers. Though LinkedIn was primarily known as a recruitment platform where job seekers and hiring companies interact, it has grown to be the place that professionals network to exchange ideas and do business. It is therefore important that your realty company have a presence on LinkedIn to find both leads and grow your brand among industry professionals. Here is an easy to follow step by step instruction guide on how to properly set up your new LinkedIn Company Page to get

Step 1

  1. Visit the LinkedIn Pages section of the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions website. Click Create your Page.

Step 2

On the displayed window, select the most suitable category for your business.

Step 3

While at the “Companies” home page, click the “Add a company” option.

This then takes you to the “Add a company” window as shown below.

Complete the required fields with your official Company name, which will populate the LinkedIn public URL. Also include all the relevant information under ‘Company details.’

Step 4

You will be required to fill out all the essential information about your company. Try your best to complete this section in full. Statistics show that complete profile pages get 30% more views than incomplete. The required information includes:

  • A detailed description of your company: Make sure to mention your mission, vision, values and a good description of the locations you serve and your realty specialty services. Use keywords in your description to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results.
  • Location: Give the correct addresses of your locations. To add more, click on ‘+Add Location’
  • Hashtags: Add 2 to 3 hashtags to make your business more searchable. Choose hashtags that are commonly used in your industry and those that describe your business. For example, #realestateexperts, #realestatebroker #realestateagentsnevada
  • Custom Button: Include a button that inspires action such as, Visit Website, Contact Us, Learn More, Register, or Sign Up.
  • Choose Language: If you have a multilingual target market, you can also customize your name, tagline, and description in over 20 different languages.

 Step 5

You can upload a logo and a banner image for your LinkedIn company page. This will go a long way in displaying the brand of your business and start to differentiate it from others in the industry. Therefore, choose a high-quality image for your logo. Also, create a background banner image that is informative and catchy but has a brief text or caption that seeks to attract viewers to read through your company page.

Step 6

After setting up your logo and background image, you can start posting on your company’s page. You need to effectively tailor all your posts to cater to the characteristics and needs of your target audience. You can post pictures of successful property sales, client testimonials, and the latest news concerning your industry or locations.

Important To Know

  • LinkedIn also offers Showcase pages which are dedicated landing pages to promote your current listings, referral programs, free buyer consultations, and more.
  • The platform also offers an analytics report, which will help you monitor how often your realty business is mentioned.
  • Advertising on LinkedIn is a marketing activity that you should consider to attract more followers and get leads. The audience on LinkedIn is not only professional but has a higher net worth than the average person on Facebook or Instagram. This means you should be able to increase your average transaction per lead when you advertise on LinkedIn.
  • If you have agents in your business, they probably have a LinkedIn profile. Request them to add your new company profile page link to their profiles and get additional traffic to your company profile page.
  • Use the ‘Careers’ section in your company profile to inform prospective future agents why they should join your team.
  • By adding informative and relevant posts to your page and effectively optimizing them for SEO, you can greatly boost your website’s ranking on Google.


If you are still wondering if LinkedIn page is a necessary and essential tool in the growth of your realty business, statistics show that LinkedIn generates 3 times more visitors to leads conversions than Twitter and Facebook. You can also use your LinkedIn company page to attract new agents to work in your business. Therefore, being on LinkedIn will boost your reputation and credibility and may attract high-quality leads, improve your networks, and build meaningful and lasting relationships with other professionals. The opportunities on LinkedIn are worth taking time to establish your business on it immediately. We wish you well.

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