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June 11, 2021

An open and creative approach is vital when coming up with an efficient social media strategy. Well-thought frameworks give birth to great social media strategies that consequently boost realtors’ businesses chances of success. For the best frameworks to be formulated, realtor businesses should;

1. Set Exciting Goals for Social Media Strategy

Different realtor businesses have different objectives. However, every goal should be aligned with a specific strategy. For those seeking more brand awareness, they should focus on increasing followers and their engagement with customers. They can do this by putting out more adverts to get more click-through traffic onto their website, so as to increase traffic. Those that want more sales should formulate strategies that secure them more leads and conversions such as capturing emails with lead pages and newsletter sign-ups.

2.  Identify and Research the best Marketing Channels

The preferences and characteristics of your target audience greatly determine the right marketing channels for your strategy to use. These preferences enable a realtor business to know what ads to put out to attract potential customers. For example, if your target market is families, the wisest thing would be to post and market family homes more than bachelor pads. The best social media platforms through which realtor businesses market their products and services are selected after identifying the target market. An instance where the target market is generally found more in Instagram, therefore, necessitates realtor businesses to market more on Instagram than other avenues.

3. Determine Social Media Strategy Advertising Budget

The importance of an adequate advertising budget cannot be understated. There are various costs that need to be considered in all social media channels. These include the cost of content creation, cost of tools and software like Google AdWords, for example, pay-per-click ads displayed on the search engine are charged on a cost-per-click basis. Other costs to consider include paid advertising fees on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube Ads. Finally is the cost of your social media manager/company. All these have to factored into creating an effective social media advertising budget.

4.  Analyze Competition

Competitors found in the same market as a particular realtor business may offer it a clear perspective as to what social media strategies it may adopt for effective results. If the realtor sees that focusing more on promoting brand awareness generally works for a number of its competitors, it may choose to adopt that option and implement it in a more unique way than the competitors.

5. Create Engaging Content

Great content works like magic! Good and high-quality videos, beautiful pictures and even just catchy and engaging phrases should be the basis on which a social media strategy framework is found upon. No matter how well structured a framework may appear, if the content is not great, it will fall below realtor businesses’ expectations and they then fail to realize their expected return on investment.
The best frameworks for realtor businesses to follow are those that align their goals and the strategies they seek to implement. A fusion of these two elements gives birth to very effective frameworks that guarantee reasonable levels of success!

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