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A content marketing strategy is a tactical marketing approach, majorly focused on the creation and distribution of informative, valuable, and consistent content. Successful Content Marketing Strategy The main aim of the creation and distribution of the content is for the attraction and retention of a defined audience. The overall end goal is a profitable customer...

Lead generation is how a business funnels potential clients down the path of buying/subscribing to their services. It is a crucial component of the growth of a real estate business. Without it, your business will struggle to make sales and expand. This article will focus on and highlight the three key areas of a lead generation model.

An open and creative approach is vital when coming up with an efficient social media strategy. Well-thought frameworks give birth to great social media strategies that consequently boost realtors’ businesses chances of success. For the best frameworks to be formulated, realtor businesses should; 1. Set Exciting Goals for Social Media Strategy Different realtor businesses have...

Technology has changed how people go about their day-to-day activities whether businesses or personal duties. The dynamism of this technology has changed some trends and added new ones. Here are some of the hot new trends in Real Estate Marketing to be aware of: 1. Social Media Marketing. The Use of social media platforms for...

Propel Your Real Estate Business

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    Propel Your Real Estate Business

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