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December 16, 20200

Why is Facebook the #1 social media platform for real estate advertising? Well, 69% of American adults are already on the platform, using it for entertainment, to keep up with family and friends, and to do their shopping through Facebook Marketplace. Also, 97% percent of your competitors are on Facebook, and they rank social media as the top tool for generating high-quality leads, over MLS sites, and their own websites. Though it is a great platform for real estate agents, Facebook Ads for real estate marketing do not need to be a draining and daunting undertaking.

This article will clarify the steps to take to set up an effective Facebook Advert. 1. In order to get started with Facebook advertising, you first need to have a Facebook profile and business page. 

2. The next step is to know the 3 essential parts of creating a successful Facebook Ad. We shall cover 2 of those in this article.

These 3 Essential Parts are:
1. Define the objective of the ad campaign
2. Identify the audience with Facebook targeting
3. Crafting the message using copy and visuals

Let’s dig in, shall we?

1. Define the Overall Objective of the Marketing Ad

Facebook Ads for real estate marketing objectives examples include; increasing your client base among high net worth individuals in the Houston area, or moving more houses, or getting more people on your mailing list. Make sure your goals are clearly defined and align with your strategy.

2. Identify the Audience with Facebook Targeting

Aside from Facebook’s popularity, the detailed audience targeting makes it stand out. How should you target?

By Location/ Zip Code:
When it comes to location, you have the option of targeting zip codes, city radius, specific address radius, and people traveling in a location. You can also exclude zip codes and locations. Choose to target the region where you sell and the most popular zip codes that new residents in your area move/come from.

By Age, Gender, and Marital Status:
Analyze past records and current trends to determine the most likely audience of buyers by age groups, genders, and marital status.

By Behavior:
Now that you have the basic demographic for your ideal client, narrow down the audience based on interests and behaviors. For example, it is advisable to choose to run ads that target people who are active on Zillow, Trulia, and
For behavior, real estate agents should include targeting by these attributes:

  • People likely to move
  • Recent mortgage borrower
  • First time home buyer
  • Recently married

By income:
This is super valuable to real estate agents since this often determines the types of properties that people are able to buy.

3. Create Relevant Content

The key to the success of your campaign will be the content you share. Create a content calendar for a month with 2-3 posts a day. Think of catchy slogans and brief captions that’ll not only attract a potential customer but interest them in your products and/or services. Your content should include:
– Visual content; These include fun and engaging images alongside interactive videos. Examples of content are helpful guides on home buying and personal finance, promoting community events, and interactive activities like contests.  Tools that are simple to use for creating personalized images include Design Wizard and Canva.

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