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April 16, 2021

To some, “Digital Marketing” may seem rather sophisticated. Simply put, it is marketing that employs technology to promote products and services. A significant shift into the digital era has prompted the real estate industry to adopt digital marketing as the “magic wand” for survival. Here are the key ways digital marketing will continue to transform the industry:

1. More Visibility with Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter attract users from all age groups and geographies. Agents can now share blogs, photos, and videos based on the interests, location, and behaviour of their target customers. Social media will also increase engagement with leads through post replies, comments, and shares. This will greatly increase their brand visibility and improved interaction with leads.

2. The Automation of Marketing

Automation streamlines marketing efforts and improves customer experiences example, they will receive an automated response to answer a question, based on keywords. These tools will also help the agent save time, such as scheduled email campaigns or social media posting schedule with Hoot Suite. The efficiency level of automation will help in the lead generation process by receiving real-time updates of when a lead takes action, based on specific touchpoints of their websites. Marketing will get easier.

3. Hosting Virtual Tours

Though a physical tour is still preferred, many prospects are settling for virtual video tours of homes and the surrounding neighborhood. Virtual tours give clients a feel for the surrounding area. They enable them to comprehend how it would feel like if they live in the property and the neighborhood. Several virtual tour software tools like My 360, Kuula, and Panoskin, help to produce virtual tours of properties. Agents must consider this virtual technological improvement in their real estate digital marketing strategy.

4. Content Marketing

Effective content marketing adds value to target customers. Agents should create rich content in the form of videos, blogs, newsletters, and post more pictures of properties in their social media networks. This digital marketing strategy increases their credibility and visibility as great content increases their “touchpoints” with potential customers.

5. Chatbots for Customer Support

It is a successful technology that incorporates voice, text, and messages to talk straight with customers. It is ideal because it can quickly and accurately provide answers to the client’s questions. In fact, several messaging apps are using bots to promote products and services. The apps offer chatbots to help brands in promoting their products and services while providing a personalized customer support experience. An example of a Chatbot Apps for Real  Estate is Convo Boss.

6. Blockchain Technology for Marketing

Blockchain technology is already being used by real estate businesses such as Rent Berry, a rental platform that utilizes this technology to simplify the rental process for tenants and renters. For marketers, this technology helps in tracking the placement of their ads and monitoring the consumers that click their ads. As a result, customer engagement data has become more accurate and reliable.

Whichever way you look at it, digital marketing and the future of the industry are intertwined. Online presence increases exposure which guarantees more customers and ensures continuity. Technology is here to stay and the industry should capitalize on it and rely heavily on the sure “bet” that we call digital marketing!

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