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April 21, 20211

Prospecting in real estate is the creation of leads to generate new business. Prospecting Strategies involve sourcing out new leads, utilizing social networks to explore business opportunities, and getting involved in community events to boost your business recognition. To be a good realtor, you will have to devote yourself to prospecting. You have to commit a consistent amount of time prospecting.

Prospecting Strategies

To help you improve your Real Estate prospecting, here are the top 6 best strategies:

1. Create a Daily Prospecting Plan.

You should ensure that you spend valuable time prospecting by scheduling yourself to a specific calendar with tasks related to it. Consistent prospecting will result in a profitable business; thence, you should make time and aim to complete specific goals in each session. You can set aside 25 minutes to post on social media and send emails to check out any leads.

2. Persistently Follow Up

To be successful in prospecting, you must be relentless in following up on every single lead. Follow up starts with proper storage of contact information either by phone or email; as Chris Taylor suggests, “The best prospecting tip is to keep meticulous notes and record of everything you learn about prospecting.”

 The best way to harmonize sales prospects is through the use of customer relationship management tools (CRM) such as Property Base. This CRM will allow you as a realtor to follow up and manage every lead despite their point of origin. It also features a Smart List that helps to automate following up of leads.

3. Create A Website.

An online presence will enhance the legitimacy and authority of your business. On your website, create a landing page or have a free downloadable give away lead magnet such as a helpful Home Buyers Guide or Moving Checklist. To get this giveaway, prospects will be required to provide their contact information, which is very useful for follow up.

4. Create Content for Marketing

Content marketing strategies such as social media memes, blog posts, how-to videos, and behind the scenes tips is an excellent strategy for prospecting. The educative content will promote your brand and create trust. Therefore, you should ensure that the message is consistent in all platforms and use web analytics to find what kind of contentment is productive for real estate prospecting.

5. Search for Leads on Facebook

By adjusting your demographic variable, Facebook allows you to run your ads to targeted audiences and promote your ads. The National Association of Realtors has it that 80% of agents use Facebook to connect with their community and nurture leads. This platform of 1.62 billion daily users is the best social media platform for realtors to find prospects.

6. Prioritize Networking

Word of mouth recommendations is very influential. There is a high tendency for buyers to find their agent through family, friends, and those affiliated. Making time for professional networking events, community events, and neighbourhood gatherings are essential in real estate prospecting.

To sum it up, real estate prospecting requires a daily commitment. It’s a tiresome job, but the outcome is worth the sweat. To be good at prospecting, consider leveraging any form of related technology like social media and traditional means like direct mailing. Use the above strategies and check up their functioning at the end of each week to set new goals.

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  • Tarun Rochlani

    May 31, 2021 at 8:37 am

    Nice article, rightly said follow-ups and networking is very important.


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