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May 30, 20210

LinkedIn is an online platform that acts as a connection portal for professionals across various industries. The platform has got an impressive number of 613 million members, and as a realtor, this is a gold mine of potential leads. This article will guide you through successfully building a business presence on LinkedIn.

1.  Establish Brand Identity

Brand identity is the visible element of your brands such as the logo and color schemes. These features are what consumers will look at and instantly recognize and/or remember your brand. As it’s said, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Thus, establishing a solid brand identity is highly important. There are over 30 million companies on LinkedIn and unique brand identity is what will make your business stand out. 

2.Engage & Contribute

Be present in conversations that your target market and industry leaders are in. Regularly engaging and contributing to posts on LinkedIn will expose you to potential customers and brand growth. Bear in mind that contributing to conversations should not be an opportunity to spam the comment section. Engage organically. Share your article(s) and helpful reports that relate to the topics. This kind of networking will give you a chance to appear knowledgeable and experienced in your field. Also, when someone posts interesting reports and news that relate to your brand, repost, and give credit. This gesture will enhance your networking connections and build much more solid connections. 

3. Keep Brand Information Updated on LinkedIn

This is especially true for office/store addresses and contacts. A sure ticket to losing potential customers would be to have outdated information on your profile. This would end up lessening your brand credulity and make potential customers lose confidence in you. Updated your company information like your specialty is equally as important. If your business has stopped specializing in a particular field, update that information. For example, if your business no longer specializes in providing student accommodation, update that information on your LinkedIn profile. Failure to update such crucial information will leave an impression of carelessness, thus making potential customers doubt and negatively view your brand and your business. 

4. Feature Testimonials on LinkedIn

These are especially important when you’re just starting on LinkedIn. A great way to go about this is by politely asking your existing customers if they would offer a brief written testimonial and/or review. A picture of the customer outside their new home would be highly beneficial to your brand. However, remember to get voluntary consent before featuring your customers on any social media post(s).  Above all, remember to be consistent in all that you do. Building a business presence requires you to be patient and persistent. Don’t expect to instantly get noticed and get discouraged. This will take time. Remember to learn from top-performing professionals. Observe what they are doing and customize it to your brand instead of  aimlessly copy-paste onto your profile. Building your realty business presence can be compared to painting a masterpiece. You have got to give it time for the paint to dry.

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